'Dialogue in the Dark' Experiential Walk @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic

(All 16-year old students)

27th July 2012


  • Experience having special needs in the area of loss of sight.

  • Observe good work performance and attitude of people with disabilities.

  • Be aware of people with special needs in the community and contribute by showing compassion and understanding, and offer help where possible.

Key Teaching Point
  • Disability does not equal inability. Disability in whichever area can be overcome with the right attitude in life.

Student Profile
  • 31 students of the 16-year old cohort with mild intellectual disabilities. Low numeracy and literacy levels (pri 2-3 equivalent) but independent in self-help skills.

Date of Visit
  • 27 July 2012

No. of Tours
  • 6 tours with an average of 5 students in each with an accompanying teacher/staff and led by a blind guide.

General Feedback
  • The visit has evoked many questions pertaining to darkness. In the midst of the pre-tour excitement and nervousness, almost everyone, including students and staff were led to rekindle their own sense of sight which they might have taken for granted. A few students shared how close they once were with people who were visually impaired at the bus stops but yet unable to help as much as they would like to, apart from looking out for the bus number. 'Dialogue in the Dark' has provided a role-reversal as the blind guides take centre- stage in leading the tours as well as serve as good role models for students to observe their good work performance and attitudes. The tour has also provided the opportunity to exercise the other senses of smell, hearing and touch when the sense of sight becomes non- dorminant in the dark.

The fringe activities before or after the tours have complemented the adventure well and had certainly enhanced the overall experience of 'Dialogue in the Dark.' On the whole, everyone enjoyed the visit as well as the great opportunity to be part of a wonderful one-of-its-kind experience.

Once again, THANK YOU to Tan Chin Tuan Foundation.


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